Thursday, October 30, 2014


When confronted with challenges in life, we have a tendency to focus on the problem.  As we focus on the problem, it is apt to become imposing – larger than life!  In many cases we feel quite small in comparison to the looming difficulty, which can appear to be quite large.  In this case we have, as they say, “Made a mountain out of a mole hill”.  The more we dwell on the problem the more insurmountable it can appear. 

Since it is a known fact that what we place our attention on is drawn to us, would it not be better to spend more time contemplating the solution?  Our problems are solved much faster when we focus on how to resolve them.  It can be as simple as wondering what the solution is, or asking what the solution is, or a knowing that the perfect solution will present itself.   

It is important that we focus on the solution each time the issue comes to mind; thereby, we draw the resolution to us.  One method of doing this is simply saying something like: “I wonder what the solution to _______ is.”  Or “What the solution is for this.”  In many cases just saying this once will not produce the desired results, unless it is a minor problem.  We must keep refocusing our mind whenever we begin to worry, when thoughts of the problem resurface.    

Our minds have the ability either to operate like a wide angle camera taking in a very large scene or to perform like a telescope zeroing in on a particular object.  We have the inherent ability to focus our mind.  For some of us this is easy; for others it takes more will and determination.  We have free choice, which means that we can drift along allowing life to deal our hand in a haphazard way, or to focus on what we want and draw that into our life.  When we choose the former, we get whatever comes our way.  The wonderful thing about being a human being is that we can choose the latter; we have the ability to focus on something specific, drawing the object of our attention to us! 

The first step is making a conscious decision to focus on the solution.  Next, whenever you find yourself worrying or focusing on the problem, bring your attention back to the solution.  It’s as simple as that.  As mentioned previously, that could be as easy as asking “What is the solution?” then contemplating that. 

When confronted with a challenge:
·         Make a conscious intention to focus on the solution.
·         When you find yourself thinking about the problem, bring your attention back to the solution.

This all boils down to one statement: Focus on the solution rather than the problem.

There are many ways to focus on the solution.  One of my favorite methods is to ask questions.  Asking questions not only helps me focus on the solution, but it also brings forth the answer.  Sometimes the answer comes instantaneously; other times it comes later, usually when I least expect it.  
Another method would be to do some research on the topic.  This can be done by reading articles and books about the subject.  Reading biographies about others who have successfully dealt with a similar problem can be helpful.  Watching uplifting movies about people who have successfully overcome similar obstacles is also helpful.  It is imperative to maintain a positive state of mind while dealing with a problem, so we don’t start moving in a downward spiral. 

The first step is to set our intention by making a conscious decision to focus on the solution.  Next we must take action; we do that by taking the next steps toward the solution while maintaining our focus.  Inaction provides an opportunity for our mind to wander and start to worry.  Just taking action of some kind helps us to move closer to a solution and to maintain a positive frame of mind.    

Focus on the solution.   

Wishing you good fortune,
Randall Monk